Straight Outta Reagan

In 1980, the year I was eligible to vote in my first presidential election, Ronald Reagan accomplished at least two things. He convinced a good number of people in my generation that the Republican Party had the best ideas for America, and he convinced a good number of people from an older generation, folks who were, perhaps, wavering in their political leanings, to accept conservative principles as the best way forward for America. Continue reading “Straight Outta Reagan”

Graphic: CO2 Emissions Intensity

Since 1997, CO2 emissions from power generation have trended downward in the U.S., Texas and Georgia, with Georgia having reduced its emissions by 30%. Reductions can be attributed in part to recent shifts from coal to natural gas as a primary energy source. These data are for electric utilities and Independent Power Producers only.

Blog Post Graph (Emissions Intensity per MWh)