Nuclear and Renewables: Georgia is Zeroed-In on Zero-Carbon

Nuclear and Renewables:
Georgia is Zeroed-In on Zero-Carbon

Good news on nuclear and renewables coming out of Georgia as the Georgia Public Service Commission voted to preserve nuclear energy as a future option for the state by approving Georgia Power Company to conduct preliminary studies at a site in Stewart County, GA that has been proposed as the location for a potential nuclear plant. The Commission also approved Georgia Power to move forward on 1,600 MW of renewable energy projects, which includes utility-scale solar, distributed generation, wind and energy efficiency. Georgia Power also received approval to retire one coal unit and three combustion turbines. This is a wise, long-term move on nuclear power along with smart, calculated incremental steps on renewables. Given the downward trend in carbon emissions from its power generation sector over the past decade (Georgia is currently at about 1995 levels;Figure 1 below), Georgia is positioning itself to make even deeper cuts as more nuclear and renewables come on-line. Georgia is looking squarely at a reliable, low-carbon future that will responsibly support economic growth, create jobs and be very attractive to industry. Thankfully, our commitment to Integrated Resource Planning is paying off as we’re able to envision a future that’s decades down the road rather than one that’s constrained by the next marginal investment.

Georgia is doing this the right way:
Expanding baseload nuclear and growing intermittent renewables together.

Congratulations to everyone who made this happen.

Georgia CO2 Emission From Electricity (1980-2015)
Figure 1. CO2 Emissions From Georgia’s Power Generation Sector (1980-2015)



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